Mets Police Morning Laziness: revisionist Justin Turner history

Look I’m all down with killing the Mets about Daniel Murphy, but if you knew that Justin Turner could be this good then you should apply for the GM job in Queens.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I enjoyed a fine day of being outside, some NFL Red Zone and then some night time soccer.  None of that involved the MLB playoffs.

Did you see that the NLCS is scheduled for 9pm starts on Tuesday and Wednesday?  Just wow.

Not much to link about unless you want to read yet another Kevin Long article.

I have decided to hound the Mets twitter account until it stops being useless.

Was Sid Fernandez better than Ron Darling?

Sorry these have been short and empty but things will be quiet in Queens until after the playoffs.

Is Daniel Murphy a Top 10 Mets player of all time? Maybe he is?
What is this crap? (Mets dopey tweet of the day)