OK I’ll play, baseball does not need more teams nor more playoffs

There is some chatter about the attached article today.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Baseball does not need more teams.

Baseball does not need more playoffs.

What baseball does need is 7 inning games.

And the idea that baseball would play fewer than 154 games is a non-starter.  I can’t find the original Keith Olbermann piece that walked this through but….is MLB going to rebate the RSN’s for the games that won’t be played?  What about the salaries of the security guards and vendors and all the other stadium employees?  Are they taking a pay cut?  Keith really walked it thru and it’s a complete non-starter.

And did you see the NLCS games are scheduled for 9pm starts?  Are you kidding me?

Expansion could trigger realignment, longer postseason.

Source: Expansion Could Trigger Realignment, Longer Postseason | BaseballAmerica.com

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