Mets Police Morning Laziness: Why can’t we admit Kevin Long is the next manger?

Say the Mets were in the NLCS and had lost the night before and you heard one of our coaches was out interviewing for a

manager job. You’d lose your mind.

Anyway Alex Cora will interview with the Mets today before not taking the job. Brad Ausmus doesn’t want the job. Robin Ventura isn’t interested. Remember there are only 30 of these gigs.

So Kevin Long will be the manager and….I dunno….is it because he is close with some of the influential clubhouse types and is that a good thing?

SLACKISH REACTION: I was channel surfing and saw The Judge up with the bases loaded and didn’t even stay for one pitch.

You guys are cute that you noticed last night that Fake New Yankee Stadium is a joke where fly balls are home runs. Where ya been?

Tonight’s NLCS is scheduled for 9:01pm Eastern. Go hose yourself Baseball. Looking forward to tomorrow’s shocked takes about the game ending at 2am.

I’m blogging from a doctors office.

(A) you are all way too chatty this early.

(B) how did the ABC Mafia convince every waiting room in the world to show their daytime lineup? At least I’m not here during The View.

Mets caboose
OK I'll play, baseball does not need more teams nor more playoffs