Mets Police Morning Laziness: I actually watched baseball yesterday!

SLACKISH REACTION: I actually put the ALCS on last night because I was AWAKE and I felt like hanging on twitter while I worked on posts for next week’s Mets Police 90’s Week (Revisited).

Interesting that there were lots of empty seats.   Bad start time?  Crappy stadium?  Generation Jeter doesn’t want to rise?  Dunno.

The whole replay thing sucks….I’m sure that whole Judge not touching second base thing will be discussed but my point is what kid wants to watch….

  1.  Hey lets all stare at a replay at first
  2. Hey lets step off and throw to second instead of the umpires just saying he missed it in the first place

….when they can watch LeBron James.

I got bored during the 7th so I watched something else for an hour and came back to see the Yankees were winning but only one inning had gone by.  Wow.  The Yankees were winning then but I didn’t care.

At some point during the 8pm hour my kid came down to tell me the Celtics season was over because someone broke a leg.  This paragraph I am writing this morning – the LeBron James line I wrote last night before he even said that.

The NLCS started at 9:01 and baseball can go hose itself.  The game was played in 3:39.  I am not good at math but that sounds like baseball thinks 48% of the US population wanted to watch a 6-1 game until 12:40am.  11:40 Central where the Cubs fans live.  Come on.

The official Mets twitter account continues to spew useless garbage.  Stop.

The blue swoosh road jerseys don’t look bad 25 years later.

NOT LINKING: new people quoting the same Ventura article other people quoted yesterday.

Link: MLB playoffs averaging 3:35! Come on Commish!
Today's completely utterly useless tweet from the Mets