Mets Police Morning Laziness: worst nightmare approaches

SLACKISH REACTION:  remember that time we Taked Back New York for like ten months while the Yankees got old and finally decided to rebuild after 15 years. We had young pitching and stars and the future was bright.  How offing annoying is it going to be if the Yankees make the World Series.  This is going to be more annoying than the Yankees winning the World Series at Shea.   So so so so so annoying.

MANAGER STUFF:  Geren and Hale supposedly out.

Slow news morning with both the David Wright and Matt Harvey searches gummed up by a terrorist named DW and Harvey Weinstein.

Still muttering to myself. So so so so annoying.

Investments: if you had invested $10 in Mets Money in 2008 you could now have....
The Mets are the locomotive that something something