So like are the Mets really gonna hang a 15 on the fence for HOFer Carlos Beltran?

Carlos Beltran.  People seem to think he shall make the Hall of Fame.

Assuming he does, people talk about Which Cap?

So he could go Astros – had some nice times there, won a ring.

He could go blank….he did bounce around.  But there is $ into being a certain team’s HOFer.  Ask the Expos HOFers how that’s working out for them.

So….does he go in as a Met?  He had lots of good seasons here.

And if he does go in as a Met, the Mets own rules say that that’s what you have to do to get your number retired.

Are you hanging a 15 on the fence?

Were you even thinking about putting Beltran in the METS Hall of Fame until you read this sentence?

How do you feel about 15 being up there and 5 not.  Or pick any of the other numbers?


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