Mets Police Morning Laziness: Oh Snap Sandy!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh Snap did you see Sandy Alderson’s jab at Dom Smith?  Asked if Dom has the 1B job Sandy said he didn’t win it last September.  And Dom might need to work on his conditioning.  Oh Snap!

Wait until Sandy finds out who is in charge of the roster and that he traded everyone and he’s down on his own draft pick.  OH SNAP.

As if Harvey Weinstein hadn’t been ruining my twitter searches enough, this week is the Marine Equipment Trade Show.  Between that and whatever mets means in French, any twitter search right now is useless.

With talk of Carlos Beltran heading to Cooperstown, you should realize you weren’t even thinking about Carlos Beltran to be in the METS Hall of Fame until you read this sentence.  Regardless….will the Mets hang a 15 on the fence?

Is Jesse Orosco the best Mets player of the 1980s?

Mets single game tickets go on sale Friday
So like are the Mets really gonna hang a 15 on the fence for HOFer Carlos Beltran?