Mets Police Morning Laziness: Purke It Up

SLACKISH RECATION:  Nice morning where I got to sleep in for once.  Next weekend some sadist scheduled a soccer tournament on what should be Chill and Netflix Weekend.

So I know you kids like to Netflix and Chill but us old guys…I want to actually Chill and watch some Netflix.  Mrs. Mets Police isn’t going to do the Netflix and Chill part until someone cleans the garage.  You married guys know whats up.   I’m old, if someone lets me watch TV and doesn’t make me clean the garage I don’t need to N&C.   I have a PS4 and some FIFA to play.  Anyway we’ve taken a weird diversion here….

The Mets signed Matt Purke!  I wrote all about him here.  My sources tell me that because of the competitive unfairness this will cause that the Nationals have asked to be moved to the American League.

The Syracuse Chiefs people approved the sale to Los Wilpons.

Is Ron Darling the best Mets pitcher of the 1980s?  Maybe.

I guess the Mets aren’t changing the uniforms?   Good.

Buying Opening Day tickets wasn’t torture this year.  I plan on actually attending a game in 2018!

Mickey Callaway seems to think the Mets have the players to win.  Yeah?  Did something change from last September Mick?

Is Keith Hernandez the best Mets player of the 1980s? Maybe.
Syracuse Chiefs shareholders approve the sale to the Mets