Mets and Star Wars Podcast 79: new trilogy, Dom vs Sandy, last @Expos game ever

Happy Life Day everyone. Jason Fry from Faith & Fear and I host the podcast that talks about the Mets and also about Star Wars (with the rare overlap this week of Mets Star Wars Night).

There’s a new Star Wars trilogy coming! This week we talk about that and the new live action series. Then some Mets talk, the Rockies’ first game and the Expos last game. Share on Facebook and help your podcast pals spread the word.   Subscribe via Apple Podcasts.

01:30 new live action series
05:00 our wishes for what we would want the new trilogy to be
09:00 George’s plan’s for the live action series back when
12:00 The Last Jedi news even Jason can’t deny!
18:25 Rebels
20:00 Star Wars Ice Cream coming out
22:30 Star Wars themed bar

25:00 Mets Opening Day!
27:00 The Rockies first game ever
29:30 The last Expos game ever
35:00 Sandy vs Dom

37:20 Disney Star Wars land

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