Mets Police Morning Laziness: Ignoring Gooden

SLACKISH REACTION:  Another quiet day in Queens with the Gooden stuff likely to drive the conversation even though it was out there yesterday but I guess nobody knows how to search for Mets stuff and they wait to do Me Too content.  I saw it yesterday and mentioned on twitter that I don’t want to cover it  It’s all so sad.

DEFINITELY NOT LINKING:  If you choose, do a search for Gooden, but you will be very sad with what you find.  I am not covering that.

WELL MAYBE I WILL LINK: The Times has a pretty professional recap of the Gooden stuff, without the sleaze.  Nice job Times.  Why don’t you guys read that one.

NOT LINKING:  The newspaper has the generic 3 Things To Watch For from Dom & Amed.  Yawn.   Amazing Apple Insiderized Mets BLOG Report wants the Mets to get some reliever. Whatever.  And everyone has their the Mets are considering getting Cesar Hernandez article because they see someone tweet about it and then write articles that add nothing.  I really don’t get it at all guys.

Today is the Mets Holiday Party so expect a flurry of blogging around such time, including here.

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