2017 vs 2018: Let’s try this again with Syndergaard starting 34 games

Rats I was hoping there was some easy way to find to look at the Mets game by game starting pitching and results – and maybe there is and I’m too lazy to look – but let’s take a look at the 2017 SPs.

Tyler Pill started three games.  Tommy Millone started five. Chris Flexen nine.  Adam Wilk one.  That’s 17 starts.

I don’t know how the Mets did in those games specifically but I can tell you those four guys combined for three wins (all by Flexen).

So before we even consider that Montero took 18 turns – lets look at those 17 starts from the other guys.

Three SP wins out of 17 starts.  You want to try those 17 starts again with Noah   on the mound?

Let’s look beyond wins, let’s look at length. When you starters give you  or less you stress the bullpen and you stress the entire system.  I’ve always been a believer in a staff having an innings eater – I will take a veteran who can go 10-16 if they want, as long as they regularly give me 6+ innings.

So not only do you have Thor on the mound, you have the idea of Thor on the mound and the swagger that comes with it, and you don’t kill your bullpen so even if you don’t win today he leaves you with a better chance to win tomorrow.

Of all the things everyone complains about, losing this guy for the entire year is never talked about.

Welcome back Thor!

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