40th Anniversary of the 1978 Mets Part 4

Concluding our look back at the 1978 Mets, I will remind you that the millennials are upset at a team with an OF of Cespedes, Conforto and Jay Bruce and with Thor and JDG at the top of the rotation.

Meanwhile, when I was young…

It caught my eye that Willie Mays was being all Mets in 1977.  Was he a Mets employee?


The Mets played Saturday day games and we liked it.  Then again they drew like 700,000 people so maybe it was a bad idea.  Don’t forget the other team were the World Series champs in a new stadium and after just 13 years Shea somehow was already dumpy.

But hey we can always look to the future!  Surely Mardie Cornejo will have a great future in Queens.

And if not…Mike Bruhert sure will.   Oh, that Mike Scott fellow?   His best year in Queens will be 5-10 with a 3.90.  You won’t hear from him ever again.

Man we sure are looking to the future – and it included Ed Kurpiel and Marshall Brant.  Waaaaah we have Jay Bruce, Conforto and Cespedes behind Thor and JDG life is so hard.

But those prospects are a long way away.  Let’s be hopeful and see who can make a contribution to things in 1979…..

….uh oh.  This is gonna be a long few years, isn’t it?  Well we can always hope our stupid cheap owners sell to some new guys, right?

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