Send The Beer Guy – not just a book, it’s a T-Shirt!


The fine folks over at The 7 Line have a new t-shirt for sale and it says SEND THE BEER GUY.

Now that’s pretty cool because it’s also the name of my book!

A life-long Mets fan shares stories from the 2012 season, alternating with stories from his year in the stands, years as a vendor at Shea Stadum, and now as a blogger at Mets fans who remember Tom Seaver, the 1986 Mets, the Subway Series or the Citi Field years will enjoy the fun read.

The book is $10.  The Kindle version is $2.99.  And you can get the t-shirt via The 7 Line.

I know I usually refer to Darren as “the t-shirt guy” but yes I know his name, and he was kind enough to hook me up with a shirt.  SOLD OUT TO THE T-SHIRT GUY.  RAGE RAGE RAGE.  Relax.  Thanks Darren.

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