Mets Police Morning Laziness: Nationals’ Matt Reynolds becomes odds on favor to win MVP

DID THE METS GET ANY NEW PLAYERS?  No. But they did send Matt Reynolds to the Nationals for CASH.  Cash is not a player.  Expect Matt to win the 2018 MVP as one of the great Met-killers of all time.   The Mets invited Drew Smith to camp, he apparently was part of the Duda deal.

THE NARRATIVE:  The media decided they really like AJ Ramos.  I don’t know anything about Mr. Ramos so sure I will like him too, but they were fawning over him.  And we’re supposed to get all fuzzy about this idea that he might share an apartment with Giancarlo Stanton.  Or house or whatever.  I didn’t read that.  Anyway, as The Narrative develops you should expect nice articles about Mr. Ramos.



Dom Smith looking good.

TDK looking like this (yesterday’s top post!)

Tim Tebow will wear #83 (sucks the Mets sold you all that Tebow 15 gear) and here are the other numbers for the new guys.  21, 23 etc.  Hey you gotta click for that info, I’m running a business here.

Hmmm, you guys clicked on the Top 50 Mets Of All Time list a lot yesterday, whats up with that?

Uh oh….

Uh oh….

The Hero We Needed
My Mets Ice Cream Cap came