The Hero We Needed

Hey here’s an interesting read saying that someone has filed a lawsuit against guys from  “of one of baseball’s biggest agencies, claiming they were not only aware of players’ PED use, but directed players to folks who gave them PEDs.”

Now, I say leave this alone.  Leave it alone.  Leave. It. Alone.

But Shannon, we hate PEDs, PEDs ruin baseball, integrity and all that.

Well, first of all, that train left in 1998.  Forget it.

Second, we don’t know what the facts are.  The courts can decide.  The articles can name drop whoever they want to name drop.

Third, however, lets focus on what star(s) baseball media are hyping and ask yourself the tough question.  Could there be something to this?

Finally, read the article.   Ask yourself if you truly want that can kicked.

Harvey Dent was a good man.  He died trying to protect Gotham.  He was the hero we needed,  That’s the story we will tell our children.

Don’t poke this bear.

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