Mets Police Morning Laziness: The Mets are on TV Today!


Back in the day I used to watch tons of Spring Training.  It was a time of 7 channels and Atari and no responsibilities.  Now we live in a world of jobs and the internet and PS4 and lots of responsibilities and all that has made me realize that Spring Training is fun for exactly one inning.   So I will endeavor to watch the first inning today and pretend baseball is back, before everyone comes out of the game and it’s Guys Dressed As Mets vs Guys Dressed As Braves.

  • Friday                   Braves   1:10pm  SNY
  • Saturday             Cardinals 1:10pm WPIX
  • Sunday                Marlins 1:10pm SNY
  • Monday               Nope
  • Tuesday              Astros 1:10 SNY
  • Wednesday       Nope
  • Thursday 3/1     Marlins 1:10 SNY

By the way, SNY didn’t send me the Spring TV schedule this season.  I wonder if they are mad at me zinging MetsBlog’s “COULD” articles all winter.  At least the COULD stopped.  And yet I cannot be stopped and still somehow got the information mwahahahaha.

The newspaper wants us to know about prospect Gerson Bautista.  Since this is a name I haven’t heard and I am not seeing 5000 Bautista articles they get rewarded with a link. Thank you for actually trying, newspaper.

The boycotters/alumni advocate group that had big mouths all winter won’t like this Sporting News article asking if The Mets Won The Off-Season.

NOT LINKING:   Yesterday I told you about the Mickey Mafia.  Yesterday I saw some nonsense “ALL EYES ON MICKEY AS METS SPRING TRAINING GAMES START” or something.  All eyes?  Are the fans really like, “Man, I can’t wait to see how Mickey manages this one inning where some of his starters play against whoever the Braves made take a bus trip.”  What are you even talking about bro?

LINEUP TWEEETING MUST DIE:   Stop tweeting the lineup.  The only account that should tweet the lineup is @mets. I saw 50,000 lineup tweets yesterday for a game that would be played a day later.   Stop.   If you’re on the beat, STOP, go break a story the way Rubin used to.  If you’re a fan, double stop.  And if you’re in #metsfansunited well you shouldn’t even be thinking about this stuff. Enjoy the boycott.

Should I get one of these for Matt Harvey?

The truth is still out there.


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