Mets Police Morning Laziness: super quiet morning

The Mets had an off-day so the beat took their one day off. I don’t blame them actually. The Athletic did not post any Mets articles that I noticed. I am told that the beat guy was moving. That’s nice and all and life is hard but this is a subscription site so telling me that the one guy was unavailable so we get nothing is kinda bogus to me.

The Mets anthem search is scheduled for today. Details here and don’t get mad at me if you head out there and they don’t have it because of the snow.

One question I have: why the hell is this on a Tuesday at 10am? People go to work. People go to school. My daughter is pretty talented, how is she supposed to get to Citi Field on at 10am on a school day?

I love that every time Quaalcom is in the news that Matt Harvey gets ripped.

Winter storms do not have names.

Dan is mad this Irish t-shirt has 4 leaf clovers as opposed to shamrocks.   Based upon what we’ve seen in the past, I am not fighting this battle.

The Orioles are letting kids under 9 get in free.  The Mets have that total wasteland in Promenade Left and should steal this idea.

This is maddening.

NOT LINKING:  Something something Wheeler.  Something about Adrian Gonzales proving himself or not.  Whoever Gerson Bautista is can throw 100.  The college kids at AAIMBR seem to think there is a CF battle.


  • Tuesday         Nationals 7pm on MLB
  • Wednesday  Nope
  • Thursday      Astros 1:10 SNY
  • Friday             Orioles 1:10 SNY
Mets Aloha shirt
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