Mets Police Morning Laziness: the Mets are JUST LIKE the World Champion Astros

“Mets see parallels with World Champion Astros”  hold on brb….

…I’m back…something about the Mets being like the World Champion Astros.  Anyway, moving on…

That’s almost as ridiculous as the Space Force.  Spaaaaaacccce Forrrrrrce.

SLACKISH REACTION:  man work is making me work this week.  I’m exhausted.  I gotta get one of those jobs at The Athletic so I can cut my output rate down to like one or two posts a week.   Or maybe I can join the Space Force.  Spaaaaaaccccee Forrrrrce.

Anyway, me and about 7 other people attended the Red Bulls Game last night. I don’t mean I went with 7 people, I mean the attendance appeared to be eight (6 paid, I got hooked up with FREE SKYBOX).  Anyway congrats to the RBNYs on advancing in the Poser Champions League,  Western Hemisphere version.

Let’s link this up, shall we…

MLB is having a Food Fest for some reason.  In NYC.

Is Dilson Herrera still better than Murph?

Lets you had the slimmest hope of David Wright returning ever….

The Indians are not bad mouthing Mickey.  Well that’s good.

and I am even go to SELF NOT LINKING:  Noah is starting OD.   Tebow was sent to minor league camp.  I’m sure you can also find articles about these topics on blogs everywhere.  Don’t read them, I just told you everything.

And i gotta go to work.  Like I said this isn’t the Athletic.  On the other hand I just gave you a month’s worth of reading buy their standards.  See you later this morning.

Niko thinks these Mets socks are cool. Niko is wrong.
Link: Mets' Tim Tebow most famous baseball player: David Wright |