Mets Police Morning Laziness: Ed Charles has died

A very sad morning in Queens as we have lost Ed Charles. I briefly got to spend time with Ed a few years back and he truly made an imprint on me. I did a post earlier about that and have included it at the bottom of today’s laziness.

Matt from Mystic struck out 8 Marlins including #71 Lee and #91 Diaz!   Click through for exciting video.

NOT LINKING:  Thor is “super jacked” about starting Opening Day.   I need a Thor break.  Tap the brakes big guy.  Even Matt from Mystic has figured it out.

Speaking of which, even the t-shirt guy is cuckolding the mascot now.   Don’t do that.  Don’t encourage Mr. Thor.

Also here’s yet another article about Dwight Gooden and the Mets being friends again.  I’m done with anything and everything 1986.  I wish Gooden well but I can’t pay attention to this stuff twice a year.

Scully, @mediagoon found out why Mets games on WOR sound terrible.



  • Friday         Orioles         1:10   SNY
  • Saturday    Nope.  Saves blogger trouble of doing green uniform screen grabs
  • Sunday       Nope
  • Monday      Nope


Greg Prince presents the Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award to Ed Charles at #qbc15/ Photo by coopz22

Truly sad to hear of the passing of Ed Charles.

Ed came to the Queens Baseball Convention a few years back to pick up his Gil Hodges Award.   I didn’t know too much about Ed as he played before my time, but listening to him speak about his time as a player and how much he loved Gil – several us got actually choked up.

Here’s the audio if you’d like to remember Ed, and maybe get to know him a little better.

Links: New York Times, New York Post, Daily News

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