Mets Police Morning Laziness: Thor has split nail (which is fine) just like he did in April 2017

If you’re new to all this and wondering why it’s called Morning Laziness, I started it a year ago when Adam Rubin hung it up.  I decided my version would help you be lazy and would filter out all the stuff you don’t need.  There are articles every day about Projections (meaningless) and Player X Hopes To Have A Good Season, Mets Blog loves to do “Could…” stories (Yes Mets Blog, anything is possible) or stuff like today’s “meet the family who has had season tickets the longest.”  Do you really care?   Those all make NOT LINKING.  These are also the stories you will see on the 20,000 Mets Blogs.  Mine might suck, but I try to be different, unlike the one blog that not only use Rubin’s format but they even call theirs the Morning Briefing.  Can you guys at least come up with a name?

Normally this next item would make NOT LINKING but I want to get the dig in about netting.  Howard Johnson was struck by a foul ball.  When will baseball take the threat of baseball seriously and put netting around the dugouts?  I hope Hojo is OK.

I hate any time I see one of these workout companies start showing off – I feel like every time this leads to a player being out.  As you know the baseball gods will not allow The 5 to take the rotation at the same time (told ya right here in the Morning Laziness) so don’t tempt them with tweets like this…

Oh see this…

What about this from April 15…

And we all know how the season went.


SLACKISH REACTION:  who the hell scheduled another early morning soccer game on the road?  I got hit the Donuts Chain and start driving.  More later.  LGM.

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