Is Keith Hernandez’ twitter being at least partially ghost written?

So in the middle of the game,  at 8:22pm, “Keith Hernandez” tweeted a rather long tweet.


a)  Keith is multitasking really well during telecasts

b)  Keith wrote this earlier and is a master of an app like Buffer

c)  someone else is sometimes “Keith Hernandez:

So let me be clear, I don’t think this is “bad” or that Keith is a bad person or anything, I just find it INTERESTING.

Keith has a new book out. I imagine someone at the publisher encouraged him to have a twitter account, and the tweets are sometimes KH, and sometimes a publicist. That’s very common with with celebrities.

I will be curious to see how much Keith tweets once the book tour is over…but until then let’s enjoy all the tweets we get from Actual Keith.

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