A look at some of the past Mets Jackie Robinson 42 uniforms

One of the nice things about having a blog for a decade is there’s a lot of content to recycle.  This morning, while sitting outside for once, I decided to go through the 42 archives.

I had forgotten, but mean beat reporters won’t, that Ike Davis made his debut in a #42 way back in 2010 when he was The Anointed One and the beat was glad to be rid of Daniel Murphy.  Whatever happened to that guy.

I don’t have as many pics as I had hoped but hey let’s dive in anyway….

Here’s what it looked like in 2011

Here are some actual Mets wearing it in 2012.   I can’t for sure tell you which Mets cheese are because EVERYONE IS WEARING THE SAME NUMBER AND THERE ARE NO NAMES ON THE BACK!!  (For newer readers that’s the point of the first post that started the site back on April 15, 2008).

The Mets posted this to Instagram in 2014

Then it looks like i got lazy with my screengabbing, asked Media Goon to do it and the photos aren’t labeled, or the site deleted them.  Skipping ahead to 2015…

Then it looks like I was lazy (let’s just blame Goon) and didn’t screen grab the next two years (that seems odd that I wouldn’t honestly, must be the site). Fortunately it only took me a decade to realize I can search twitter. Wait until I find out about Instagram!





We can always make a buck, right?  Nothing can ever just be for the sake of honoring someone…

In 2017 the Cyclones did these…


This year the uniforms look pretty snazzy, and there are sweatshirts and stuff.

And not sure if you heard, there is a Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi Field.