Mets Police Morning Laziness: 42, TDK Eats it, Weather Forecast, Bad Guest Experiences and Blog Turns 10

Ten years ago today I started Mets Police.  Here are some memories and thank yous.

Busy Sunday at MPHQ and someone scheduled an 8am Road Soccer Game so I gotta fly.  Lots of stuff for you though…

SLACKISH REACTION:  You can’t win them all.  The Next Seaver’s career record is 34-36 but I’m sure you guys have all kinds of EXCUSES.  You don’t get to wear Batman shirts and blame the wind.  The Mets are just 3 up on the Phillies now which means the Mets could be in 2nd by Wednesday.  PANIC!!!

I wouldn’t worry about a rainout.  It might SUCK but I think they will play because the Brewers don’t come back, and it’s Jackie Robinson Day and they have VIPs and ceremonies and stuff.


Here’s a look at some of the 42 jerseys throughout the years.

Is Keith Hernandez’ twitter being at least partially ghost written?

Looks like the Guest Experience sucked on Saturday night. Reports of long concession lines again!

This “fan” behavior is UNACCEPTABLE.

Here’s Thor with some Harveyitis wearing suits in his new apartment.

NOT LINKING: “Why Harvey’s spot in the rotation isn’t safe.”  Gee what insightful reporting after a bad start.  Come on.  “Cespedes in NYC’s forgotten slugger.”  Come on.

You Own This Mets Jersey: Rob Carson
Is Keith Hernandez' twitter being at least partially ghost written?