Mets Police Morning Laziness: time to bury the Nationals!

SLACKISH REACTION:   I don’t have a feel for this one as I was freezing at soccer but I read Thor struck out 8 and The Reyes Virus is 0 for 16 or something!  The Muprhless Nats come to town hopping to sweep and cut their deficit to 3.  Wow.

LINKING: Wow an article that isn’t 100% Mickey Propaganda! It’s April 16th and it’s the first such one i have seen, going all the way back to March.

Also Forbes asks, “Will the Mets Bullpen Burn Out?” The answer to that is Hell To The Yes,.

The Times has a nice article about JDG and how he does not have Harveyitis!

Speaking of Harveyitis, here’s Thor wearing suits and showing off his new apartment.

The Mets wore 42.

NOT LINKING: Uh oh it’s “Are The Mets Real?” articles AND Nationals Panic articles on the DC side!

Will the Mets-Nats game Monday be rained out? No.
Your 2018 Mets in Jackie Robinson 42 Uniforms