Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey Manages To Win! Overmanages To Win!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Ok hold your boycotts, as improbable as Monday’s loss was, last night’s win was as crazy.  Mickey won the game with his strategy of stringing together hits in the 8th, but dudes he is going to murder the bullpen by May 1st.  It’s a long summer Mick.  This didn’t need to be managed like Game 7 of the 1986 World Series – and that’s a comparison Howie Rose made last night although not the way I made it.  Howie compared Sewald’s outing to that of Sid in Game 7.  Between that and the “Hodges Moment” in February I fear Howie is starting to lose it.

The Mets head to Atlanta where games start at 7:35 because it’s still the 1980s in Atlanta and TBS wants to get a rerun of The Andy Griffith Show in.  They could at least show this new Matt Harvey Reboot Of Cheers.  On the other hand my DVR is in the high 90s again so I’ll take the half hour.


Tonight the Dark Knight Returns Yet Again (Career 34-36 but you know, six seasons of bad luck and stuff).

Did you see present day Keith Hernandez in a 1986 Mets uniform yesterday?

Fireflies gonna wear these..

NOT LINKING:  “Why is Jose Reyes on the Mets” is a thing that exists.   Also the new PravdaPod that asks if you’d trade Rosario for a C.  Rosario is 22 and the team’s top prospect and the team is 13-4.

Mets Carhartt Cap
Interesting White Soxy Fireflies Star Wars night jersey design