Mets Police Morning Laziness: Bat-tered and Beaten

SLACKISH REACTION:  Once again Matt Harvey was the victim of poor run support as the Mets were unable to score 7 runs for him.  His career record falls to 34-37.

The Next Seaver says “I’m a starting pitcher,” Harvey said. “I’ve always been a starting pitcher. That’s my mindset.” (via ESPN)

Eiland…… “The game starts in the first inning, not the fourth.”(Via NY Post)

It’s all a one topic town this morning.


A few stray thoughts – now that everyone is down on Reyes and Harvey can you guys go back and stop calling me a dodo for being down on Reyes and Harvey all these years? Next Seaver please.

Looking ahead, I suspect the Mets will find a blister or other non-pitching injury and park Matt in PSL to work this out. He doesn’t want to go to the bullpen, and honestly think about a depressed Matt Harvey in LAS VEGAS of all cities and all the bad things Las Vegas has to offer. Plus it’s not a pitcher’s paradise so I don’t think it’s the best place to find your stuff. Plus LAS VEGAS if you know what I mean.

Should be a fun day in Queens as the Pile On crowd piles on.  At least here at MPHQ I’ve been on this train for years.

34-37.  Next Seaver.  Please.

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