Matt Harvey, the Real Deal, The Next Seaver, The Dark Knight demoted to bullpen

Hi kids.  So I must have caught the REYES VIRUS myself. I was such a mess today that my favorite parts of the day were the 15 times I vomited (at least I felt good after the vomit before the next round of feeling horrible.)  Anyway that’s why no Morning Laziness today even though I tried to take a stab at it at 5am when I was up and feeling lousy (when I am too sick to even play on my phone you know I am sick).

Anyway once I came to and logged on I see the Mets have banished TDK to the bullpen.

Hey even Tom Seaver (the original Next Seaver, and actually The Real Deal) came out of the bullpen sometimes.  Here’s a great story where GTS won twice in one day!

As for TDK, look man you flew way too close to the sun and the baseball gods rarely reward that.  I hope your teammate that has contracted Harveyitis comes around and takes on the ways of JDG, the one true ace.

Here’a long video, watch it.

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