Mets Police Morning Laziness: well that sucked

SLACKISH REACTION:  This team is different.  I feel like for the last decade or so you knew by like the 6th inning which way a game was going to go   So far we’ve had to games go from sure wins to losses, and then that seeming loss vs the Nats to a big win.

The Phillies are ONE game back, the Braves two.  15-5 would have felt a lot better than 14-6 does, but again we would have all signed up for 14-6.

There’s not much to link or NOT LINK to today.  As I wrote last night I was very sick yesterday (Reyes virus?) and not so great today.

ICYMI Matt Harvey got sent to the bullpen.

Howie’s daughter got a job with the Mets

The t-shirt guy and Howie are working on a shirt together.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Phillies half a game back of 1st
Matt Harvey, the Real Deal, The Next Seaver, The Dark Knight demoted to bullpen