Caveat Emptor: Wait, Keith Hernandez’ Book “kinda ends in 1980” ??????

Whoa whoa whoa. Take a look at this cover.

Mets uniform. Catch phrase from Seinfeld.


In a Friday interview with Mike Francesa, Mike asks about the 1982 World Series. Keith says “we don’t talk about the World Series, the book kinda ends in 1980” – then Mike kinda steps all over them and they both took about a sequel book.

I think given the title and the Mets jersey on the cover that there would be some stuff from after 1980, like say the Mets.

I was not given a review copy of the book so it’s entirely possible there are 960 pages about the Mets.  I am just going off the words of the author that the book kinda ends in 1980.

You can purchase Keith’s book here.

Thanks to @fiddleelphier for putting this on my radar.



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