Mets Police Morning Laziness: No Mickey, this is NOT Cleveland

SLACKISH REACTION: Should be an interesting 48 hours here (well 36 now) until the next game – well SHOULD be but most of the current beat is lazy and will likely put their feet up (back in the day my man Rubin would DIG on days like this). Fortunately there is Sports Talk Radio to stir the pot, and believe me Mike may be bad at lots of things but he knows how to play the Mets card.


Hopefully by now you saw the manager’s comment that This Isn’t Cleveland. Apparently life here in The Big Apple is hard and the poor little baseball players have so much pressure on them. Wahhh.

Here’s some Mickey Watch Watch

And some more Mickey Watch Watch

Today is DRAFT DAY!   I could not possibly care less.  Yes I will post the press release if the Mets send it to me, but you guys can’t debate on twitter good pick, bad pick I don’t care.  Can you remember last year’s pick (I actually can because I scour twitter all day and saw his name but a week ago would have blank stared you).  Who cares who cares who cares.  Take that noise to the AAIMBR.

Make the move Jeff.  You’re giving away another generation and this fanbase will not eat another rebuild.  Eat the $4M while you still can.