You cannot convince me both Saturday Night games and Wednesday afternoon games make sense

Yes it’s a slow day.

So I was looking at the schedule.  Enjoy the heck out of tomorrow’s reasonably normally times 7:35 game because then we’re in for a run of west coast – but first there’s a noon game on Wednesday.

Why are there day games in the middle of the week?  I guess the answer is travel, as if that 4 hour flight from Atlanta to Phoenix followed by a game starting at 6:40 local time would be so burdensome on our millionaires – but how does it make sense from a fans standpoint?

Wednesday at noon is a hard time to make a game.

But now you’re gonna tell me it how much fun it is to hit a day game in the middle of the summer.  OK fine…but then how does Saturday Night make sense?  Wouldn’t it make sense to let people enjoy the fun of a day game when most people are not working their Monday-Friday job?

Never mind attend, it’s really hard to even watch baseball on a Wednesday afternoon.  Why do these games exist?

And don’t even start me on Sunday Night Baseball which I don’t think anyone in the universe likes.

Anyway, slow day.  Admittedly slow day.

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