Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets announce best starter in 30 years is in bullpen for some reason

Today let’s start with the NOT LINKING section. OMG there are 6000 articles that are all variants on Dom Smith Needs To Do Well slash The Mets Want To See What Dom Can Do. Do you people even try with these things? Why not write a Mets Hope To Beat Atlanta Tonight article.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Do the Mets know about @mets.  I ask because…

…let me translate that for you.  Hey World, we have the best starter we have had in 30 years and our manager has him pitching two innings now and then in games we trail because the SP sucks.

Insert daily Mickey Callaway rant here.

Anyway, not much happened yesterday.  Rubin is retired so nobody generated any stories, and I didn’t have time to take my own advice and Try Harder, but unlike the beat and Pravda I actually have three things I work on while not doing this, which is a hobby.

Thank you Adrian Gonzalez for being an honorable addition to the Mets.

The Mets are skipping Vargas Day.  And they are in Atlanta which plays at 7:35 because reasons.



Speaking of rebuilding around youth….

So since @Mediagoon left to form Van Hagar, this has pretty much been a one man shop.  I have some upcoming travel which won’t allow me to blog for a few days so I have asked @nikometsplus to cover.  I think you can see from the tweets below that he Gets It.

I like Niko’s work a lot. He has the right eye for things and unlike old people like me actually attends games. Here’s another example of his work…

So I feel like the blog will be in good hands for a few days coming up, and you should totally follow him on twitter @nikometsplus.

Behind the scenes Niko did a Test Post to make sure all the doohickies were connected, and that one will publish later today as I have an unexpected Actually Have To Work Day that I didn’t know about until late night so I didn’t get to do my usual Autopilot Blog.

Together my young apprentice and I will encourage the Mets to win the World Series while nicely dressed.

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Thank you Adrian Gonzalez for being an honorable addition to the Mets