More Mets Uniform Violations, Even In Columbia

For as long as I can remember, Shannon has been trying to point out instances of the Mets lack of compliance with the CBA’s rule, which requires all players to wear a uniform top during the game. 

Well, this tweet from the Fireflies  (who have a great uniform set, in my opinion) caught my eye on Sunday:

As you can see, the Fireflies get a walk-off walk, and all of the Fireflies are celebrating the win.

If you can see through the netting, you’ll notice that one of the players, in a Firefly cap and pants, comes out wearing the same Mets sweatshirt that Dave Eiland and co. wear on a daily basis, instead of the Fireflies top, or another piece of Fireflies outerwear.

The player has the signature Mets deGazelle hair, and is probably Mets left-handed prospect David Peterson, who got a promotion to St. Lucie after that game.

Now, I’m not sure if all of the rules of the CBA apply to the Minor Leagues, but this appears to be another violation of rule 3.03, as it doesn’t look like there is a white uniform top underneath that shirt (if there is, that is some material they are using).

I guess Eiland shipped these sweatshirts to all of the top pitching prospects, so they can fit in before they even get to Queens? Or, is Peterson not a fan of the Fireflies uniforms?

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