MLB Blocks #VoteGonzales movement – Wilmer Flores now listed as Mets 1B on All Star Ballot

Yo, what is this crap?

I was all set to post a #VoteGonzalez movement and BEHOLD MLB has instated Dynamic Balloting.

Suddenly Wilmer is listed as the 1B!!! ???  !!!!

I am not making this up, this is from MLB PR’s initial tweet about the names…


That’s who I want to vote for.  You can’t change the ballot mid-stream?  This is rigged.  Now the other 14 NL Teams have a distinct advantage of having their guy voted in as the starter because MLB is changing the ballot mid-stream?  What is this, he Soviet Union?  You can’t change a ballot in the middle.

#VOTEGONZALEZ – we can still write him in right?

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