Mets Police Morning Laziness: Discarcina more like DiscarciNO

I dunno, is that a good headline?  I wrote it after the grand slam.

Anyway, today is an annoying combination of HAVE TO ACTUALLY WORK and STUPID WEEKDAY DAY GAME.

MLB added Flores to the ASG Ballot.  At first base.  Scam.

Adrian Gonzalez said nice things to Mets fans.

Survey says Tim Tebow is the most talked about Met.  I take credit for who is #2 and blame AAIMBR for #3. (Spoilers)

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh what do you even say any more?  At least Mickey got tossed.  I had high hopes for the Gary Disarcina Era but what a cluster fudge that was.  Pus how does MLB allow managers to manage from the hallway – did you see how often Gary D and Eiland kept sneaking down the hallway?  What kind of half-ass rule is the ejection rule?  Oh wait, as we have been seeing, half the rule book is half-assed.

Anyway despite Mickey possibly managing from the hallway, it seemed like Gary D and No Uniform Eiland (working on that, might ask the President for some help) didn’t know how to run a game.   Dudes, I can run a game.  It really isn’t that hard.

The 4th place Mets are 8.5 games back.

Did you hear Gary around  9:56 last night?  Total shade on Mickey and the coaching staff.  Talking about Sandy’s comments.  Basically he made it sound like we’re heading for 5 years of darkness.  Very scary.

Some good Sterling or Scully coming up at 9:30.

Stupid weekday day game.

Sterling or Scully: Gary Cohen calls a fly ball and....
Link-> Tim Tebow most popular Mets player this spring, says study