Mickey Watch Watch: News headline  says Mickey seems in over head

For those who may be new, a Mickey Watch Watch watches to see what others may be saying about a possible Mickey Watch.  It does not mean that the manager is in actual trouble, it just means that others are talking about the idea of the manager being in trouble.

So here’s some Mickey Watch Watch.  Unfortunately it’s from John Harper who put himself in the Martino Zone with the nonsense of trading Thor and Jake to the Yankees, something even the worst blogger wouldn’t write.  John has a major hole to dig out of.  However, for the six people who still buy actual newspapers, this is a headline that’s not good for Mickey.

So let’s start there with the manager. At the very least the perception is that his players aren’t listening to him, and even if that’s not the case he needs to send a message right now to make a point.

Source: Harper: Mickey Callaway seems to be in over his head as Mets continue downward spiral – NY Daily News

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