Sterling or Scully: Gary Cohen calls Conforto’s Home Run

Here’s an interesting one.  This call has very good enthusiasm.  And yet it ends with “…to the wall, it’s outta here” which is a lot like ending your call with “…it is far, it is gone” even if some of you can’t and won’t admit that it is.

We only have two options here. There’s no middle. It’s either Sterling or Scully….and while it’s a good call, it’s a good John Sterling call.

I understand the whole It’s Outta Here thing….it’s the “to the wall…” part before it that it suggesting the autopilotism of the calls.

Think I’m being harsh….here’s future Hall of Famer Gary Cohen calling a David Wright HR at the 3:26 mark.

What an exciting call. No catch phrases. Catches the moment.

As for the Conforto HR…

Verdict: Sterling

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