Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mets lost, does anyone care?

It is the first day of summer, the Mets, winners of 3 of their last 5, are eleven games back

SLACKISH REACTION:   As I drove home around 9:30 I put Howie on.  Howie immediately told me it was 4-2 in the second and I immediately decided I wanted no part of this game.  As I drove the WAHwah got to me and I turned it off and just didn’t care.  This is the product you are selling.

Colorado Baseball is just weird.  Maybe they need to play inside a pressurized dome or something?

There’s really nothing going on.  Mets play at 3 (I guess that’s good) and then it’s Harvey Day bitches.

Want a fully $50 Synderaard cap?

This idea that the Mets should not have signed Cespedes is nonsense.  Here’s why.

I really feel like I should write more but there’s just nothing.  The Mets lost.  That’s it.

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