Time for Mets to end Mr. Met’s potentially dangerous t-shirt gun:  Phanatic’s hot dog injures woman

Mister Met Packin Heat

Hey if we’re going to have netting everywhere, we need to take the threat of t-shirt guns seriously.  Now that one woman has been injured by a hot dog, how can the Mets allow Mr. Met to fire t-shirts into the crowd?  How many people have to be injured by mascots before we take this seriously?

A woman sitting behind home plate at a Philadelphia Phillies game Monday night is recovering from facial injuries she suffered when she was hit by a flying hot dog.  The errant hot dog was wrapped in duct tape (to keep it intact) and launched by the team’s mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, as part of a routine seen at games for years.

Source: Phillie Phanatic’s flying hot dog injures woman

We want you safe because we want you back.  Safety dependent on whether or not we can sponsor the potentially dangerous segment.

Now that the Mets are aware of this potential danger, I call upon them to end this risk to fans much like they took steps to protect fans from foul balls.

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