Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey says don’t worry about the record

You’re not going to believe me so go Google it.  Mickey Hodges actually said not to worry about the team’s record.  In the postgame.  What?  Go look, I will wait.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Don’t worry about the record.  Don’t worry about the record?  The Mets are 11.5 games back but don’t worry about that.  I know a guy and he can get us on the VIP list for the playoffs.

Anyway the Mets played the Rockies and stuff and who cares.  Don’t worry about the record.

Gare almost Sterling’d a triple.

The Dark Knight didn’t quite return but Matt Harvey looked pretty good last night.

The Piazza Jersey will be on display at the 9-11 Memorial.

Really really awesome Jurassic Caps by the Rumble Ponies.  Someone buy one for me.

The threat the Mets are not taking seriously.


Oh great.

NOT LINKING: If you’re new, not linking is where I tell you about articles not worth a click. We have the article that tells us how the Mets can get Machado. Please. We also have the article that says the Mets trading deGrom to the Yankees is a long shot. Ya think?

Add Mets Police to Apple News

T-Shirt guy has cool Mrs. Mets caps
Gary Cohen comes thisclose to Sterlinging a Triple