Mets Police Morning Laziness: One Bad Pitch does not load the bases

SLACKISH REACTION: I see #TheNarrative is that Wheeler threw one bad pitch.  One bad pitch does not load the bases.   I know the first guy got one because of a bad call by the umpire (and even one of the GKRs said “it happens” so let it go) but the bases were loaded.  That doesn’t happen by itself.

The Mets are still just 11.5 games back as Sandy acts like they aren’t sellers.  Yeah OK.

NOT LINKING:  Pravda says Nimmo is “open to” participating in the Home Run Derby.  Like he’s gonna say no. I am open to having lunch with Evangeline Lilly.

The French are all on twitter this morning and using the word mets so I can’t deep dive.  You should watch some soccer if you’re up.  I am digging HBO’s Succession.

I guess Terry isn’t coming back.  They gave the kid 10?  That’s a pretty good number. Should we be outraged that they didn’t let 10 sit for the season in honor of Rusty?

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