Discussion: are managers allowed to do press conferences in non MLB attire?

So this caught my eye…

Now I believe that the Salt & Pepper tee is not part of the Official MLB Merchiverse.  I could be wrong, but that’s what made me think it was interesting.  It’s definitely uncommon to see a manager at a presser in a t-shirt.

So I asked…


And @PhilHecken was kind enough to retweet, and we got this great find from Mike!

Great job Mike.

So…Salt & Pepper is kind of baseball.  Charity, hey who doesn’t like supporting charity.  But are there limits? Can Mickey wear a Rolling Stones t-shirt?  Are there rules at all?  I would think there are.

My tweet even got Keith Olbermann’s attention so I am flattered!

Yankees fans are now making fun of me for never watching a Yankees press conference.

Anyway, this reminds me of the announced but I believe never deployed Press Conference Cap!  Don’t overlook the tear on the brim.  What were they thinking?  Thank goodness this didn’t take.

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