Mets Police Morning Laziness: feeling bad for Gagnon

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s high-profile visit to the U.K., the American government’s representatives in the country are warning U.S. citizens to lay low during what is planned to be three days of large-scale protests. (via CNBC)

What are we even doing people?????   OK shut up and stick to sports…

The 36-53 Mets are 14.5 games out and have a half game lead over the openly tanking Marlins.  Mickey Callaway remains the Mets manager.

SLACKISH REACTION:  I feel bad for Gagnon as that likely will be his only Major League appearance.  He’s the logical choice to send out, and as much as a mess as the Mets are I don’t see a scenario where they would need a body and choose him.  It must be hard to play in the minors for 8 years, get your one shot, have it not go well, and then have to wonder if that’s it.  That being said, he did get a shot.

NOT LINKING: an article about Todd Frazier and Little League.  Did you know Todd played in the LLWS?  Why does nobody ever mention this?  I wonder which state Todd grew up in.

GELBS:  Hey what ever happened to the series where Gelbs was going to tell us about the origin of team names.  Like all last night I was wondering where the nickname Phillies comes from.

Anyway, who the heck produces these games.  Last night GKR threw it to Gelbs for some piece about Reyes’ defensive positioning.  Why? Who cares? Why then? I don’t understand why the broadcast even has this 4th man position.

I don’t know anything about spring training sites, but reading that the Mets are committing to PSL until 2042 rings my ears, especially since the Mets are in the part of Florida where few teams are.  That just seems like a really long commitment.  Anyway, the renovations may be delayed a year.

Mickey wore a t-shirt to the presser which made me wonder about what the rules may or may not be.

Brandon Nimmo is not an All Star.  Sorry.

Margaritavile night coming to Queens.  Well, Margaritavile Late Afternoon In September.

The Mets should do Nothing Night!

We must all take a stand and resist the $149.99 Price Point for All Star Game jerseys
Discussion: are managers allowed to do press conferences in non MLB attire?