Mickey Watch Watch: Davidoff wants to give Mickey the entire season

The Mickey Watch Watch watches to see what others are saying about a possible Mickey Watch.  It’s insane that we are even doing this in early July of Year 1.  Mickey is terrible and I disagree with Ken….make the move today.

It’s hard for a manager to survive a dumpster fire of a season like this one. Think of the three obvious precedents in Mets history: 1) After the Mets went 72-90 in 1992, manager Jeff Torborg got a reprieve … all the way until his firing in May 1993. 2) The 2002 Mets went 75-86 and dismissed Bobby Valentine. 3) Last year’s Mets went 70-92 and kicked Terry Collins upstairs.

Source: Why Mickey Callaway deserves more time to show his true colors

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