Mickey Watch Watch: some WFAN guy says hire Girardi. I agree.

The Mickey Watch Watch watches to say what others are saying about a possible Mickey Watch.  Some articles are wrong.  This one is not.

No manger will have Girardi’s track record or the bulging chip on both shoulders. Indeed, no one would come to Queens more incentivized than Girardi, who was ignominiously swept out of Yankee Stadium despite an enchanted run that saw them claw within one game of last year’s World Series. While Randolph and Callaway wilted under Broadway’s glare, Girardi will bask in the glow. And despite their superficial assertions that they love spending time with family, on the golf course or on the lawn mower, all baseb

Source: Mets Should Fire Mickey Callaway, Hire Joe Girardi | WFAN Sports Radio 66AM 101.9FM

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