#Mickeyball in July. The Mets games aren’t good, but they are fast!

In case you haven’t noticed, the Mets suck.  They really really suck.  Like really suck.

The games are terrible and populated by the likes of Jose Reyes and Journeyman Minor Leaguer SP of the day.  (There are Five Aces!)

LOL Five Aces. One lives in Cincy and has more wins since the start of 2017 than the one that cuckolds the beloved mascot.  I digress.

Anyway, Mickeyball is tribe but it is fast.  Here are July’s times of game for July (via the great Baseball Reference!)

The 3:24 game was the 10 inning game that totally wasn’t fixed. There’s no evidence of that and I don’t know why you’d even suggest it was and that GKR were in on it.

7 out of 9 games under 3 hours.  Isn’t that beautiful?  I thought Mickeyball games would be 17 hours long as he used 99 pitchers every night.  He still uses 99 pitchers, but somehow does it quickly.  This is reason alone why the Mets should give him an extension.


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