Mets Manager: facing Scherzer would be harder on Rosario than not playing

Watch this video.  In it you will hear a manager admit he is ducking having Rosario face Scherzer.  Even Gelbs asked a follow-up.

Then he goes on to discuss this nonsense idea that Cespedes is going to play first base, as it first basemen don’t run the bases too.

Then the third question is stupid waste of time and the beat just sucks.  This is why you should VOTE AND HELP RUBIN.

The 4th guys asks about getting Thor back and if that’s big.  Jesus guys, really?  Why not ask Mickey if he likes ice cream?

Then I kinda got distracted, but near the end somebody asks about Dom.

Anyway if you have never watched any of these, you should. It will help you realize what a mistake this is in allowing it to continue.

Final thought, I did not notice Keith Hernandez’ voice on ay of the questions.

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