MLB and CLEAR introducing biometric ticketing

This is interesting…but I don’t think CLEAR Is free….and I keep thinking “we want you safe because we want your data.”

I also continue to think the security risk at Stadiums is the perimeter, as we have seen some awful incidents in Europe.  I am not sure MLB has a solution there, nor do I.

MLB and CLEAR have teamed up to implement biometric ticketing at select stadiums across the country that will allow fans to use their fingerprints — and eventually facial recognition — to enter the stadium on game day, eliminating the need for printed tickets at all. The program will begin at select ballparks later this season, with its full rollout launching next year at stadiums that already use CLEAR and All fans have to do is simply link their accounts with their CLEAR accounts

Source: MLB to use biometric ticketing, fans can use fingerprints

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