Dear Mr. Wilpon, your team is in LAST. Fire Mickey Callaway


Look at this.

Look at it.

Did you look at it?

Your product is worse than the Marlins product.  The Marlins aren’t even trying.

You are trying to sell last place baseball in the big city.

You have a manager running your store.  His name is Mickey.  What do you see here?  What do you think he has done well?   Do you really believe the injuries have been so bad that your team should be behind a team that isn’t even trying?

You have to send a message to your customers that this will not stand.  It might cost you a few million.  The price of a so-so major league player.  Are you really going to let this die on the vine for like 4 million?

Make the move.  Do not let Mickey manage another game, and definitely do not let him return for 2020.

You want to change things?  Get Girardi in here tomorrow, and let him manage against the Yankees this weekend.

Send the message.

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