Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey Callaway’s Red Hot Mets just 15 games under!

Oh yeah I have a blog and stuff…EXTRA lazy today, I rolled over during the t-storm and got up late.

Before we begin lets review this..

I bring this up because the Mets have won X of Y.  Like they’ve won at least two in a row and I feel like they may have actually played .500 since some date.

What we need to avoid is the #MickeyMafia spinning that into some sort of bullshit where Mickey has turned this around, and the team is playing better and the starting pitching has been good because of Mickey.  This is a total disaster and he should be relieved of his managerial duties.  Resist the #Mickeymafia because I am telling you those articles will be coming.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Looks like Mets won and they did it in under 3 hours.  I got home at 7:11 and the game was over.

NOT LINKING:   500 articles that Cespedes COULD come back for the Yankees series.  There, now you have everything you need to know.  That’s what NOT LINKING is all about.  I’m also not liking to Raissman’s nonsense about GKR not sucking this week.  You can find that yourself.  Also not linking to the AAIMBR wondering what happens if Cabrera is traded?  That’s an entire article?

SOCCER!  You’re gonna watch the World Cup Final, right?  It should take you right up until Mets game time.

METS PREVIEW:   a dead team that gets 4 days off as soon as the game is over?  Expect a total mail in game with guys sining at the first pitch and a 2:25 game time.

I got yelled at by the T-Shirt People that I didn’t give them credit for being in the building during a Mets win (for a change.)  Here you go T-Shirt people.  I was at the beach all day which was mentioned in several blog posts.   There is no conspiracy….or is there…

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